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CalFit on K Street nears completion

CalFit, interior

Calfit President gives city staff a behind-the-scenes tour of the facility as workers add the finishing touches before the gym opens this month.

Once the new California Family Fitness gym opens this month on K Street, it will mark a major milestone for downtown.  All retail space on the southside of the block will be completely occupied. The multi-million dollar project, part of the long stem effort to revitalize the 1000 block of K Street, will add to the growing entertainment district which is home to the historic Crest Theater, Pizza Rock, Cafe Bernardo and nighttime hotspots.


“The vision for this block is coming to a reality with the addition of this gym,” said Leslie Fritzsche with the Economic Development. “We have seen this block transform with thriving retail, entertainment options which bring energy and excitement to the K Street corridor.”

CalFit, entrance



The addition of the 32,000 square foot, five story gym will complement the existing uses on the block and will bring more foot traffic, patrons and jobs.

City grabs awards for outreach, fleet and division programs

Maurice Chaney and Carlos Eliason, Office of Media & Communications, accept an award on behalf of the Recyling & Solid Waste division.

Last week, the California Public Information Officer’s Association (CAPIO) presented the City with several awards for outreach materials. Recycling & Solid Waste (RSW) was presented with two Awards of Excellence (First Place). One was for a newly revamped branding and graphics program for the division and the second was best campaign -  “New Ways New Days” – which was launched in July 2013 to educate customers about changes to garbage, recycling and yard waste services.

The Office of Media & Communications was also presented with an award of distinction in the category of Long Form Video for its “Sacramento – History, Character, Lifestyle” outreach video that portrays the vibrant amenities our City has to offer.

2013 CAPPIE Bronze award for Social Media Campaign

The Sacramento Public Relations Association (SPRA) also honored RSW with two CAPPIES. A bronze for best social media campaign related to the “New Ways New Days” outreach effort, and a silver CAPPIE in the brochure category for RSW’s Service Guide.

The City’s Department of General Services, Fleet Management was recognized at the 2014 NAFA Conference in Minneapolis as #2 of the 100 Best Government Fleets in North America for its use of renewable resources, both highly sustainable and cost effective.City of Sacramento Fleet Staff


Sutter housing project approved by council



Sacramento City Council last week gave the okay for a residential project that will replace the Sutter Memorial Hospital in East Sacramento. The hospital will be closing its doors–which has been open since the late 1930s–once the new hospital in midtown is operational this fall.

Known as Sutter Park, the 120-home development would be developed on 20 acres of land within one of Sacramento’s oldest neighborhoods. It would include a mixture of classic architectural styles, from traditional park homes, to row homes, to cottages, to mixed-use housing on top of retail.

You can stay up-to-date by visiting the project website.

Cool tidbit: The area that we all know today as East Sacramento was established in the mid 1800s as Sutter Township, and it was home to some of the region’s most productive farms, dairies, orchards and nurseries.



Priority Apprenticeship Program for downtown arena

L street view

In a few short months, construction is set to begin on the new entertainment and sports center (ESC) at the Sacramento Downtown Plaza. Designed to be an iconic space that reflects and celebrates the best of Sacramento with environmental and technological innovation, the ESC is a multi-use facility that will accommodate games, concerts and other indoor entertainment shows. Scheduled to open in the fall of 2016, the downtown arena is a once-in-a-generation transformative project with long lasting effects for Sacramento and the community.

The Sacramento Kings are committed to ensuring that the ESC creates positive economic benefits that are felt locally. No one knows what will best improve the Sacramento Community better than Sacramentans. To this end a diverse group of stakeholders have collaborated around this historic moment to develop the innovative “Priority Apprenticeship Program.”

Program partners include the City of Sacramento, Turner Construction, Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA), local business chambers, faith-based organizations and the Sacramento-Sierra Building and Construction Trades Council.

Through this program, we will recruit, train and deploy at least 70 “priority apprentices” from underserved backgrounds and neighborhoods as construction. To qualify, individuals must possess “Priority Criteria” demonstrated through high need for work opportunities such as being low-income, homeless, a veteran or an ex-offender and/or live in the area’s lowest income zip codes. Also, individuals must meet separate criteria for specific construction apprenticeship programs with the Sacramento-Sierra Building and Construction Trades Council.

We’ve also partnered with key agencies, community groups, including the Greater Sacramento Urban League, Sacramento ACT, the Center for Employment Training (CET), the Asian Resource Center, La Familia, American River College and the Northern California Construction Training (NCCT) to help identify potential apprentices.

The apprentice program is an investment in the future of Sacramento. Due to the visibility of the project, we are in a position to empower individuals who are unemployed, underemployed and otherwise economically in need. This program will help low income and otherwise disadvantaged individual’s jumpstart careers in the building and construction trades and build a pathway to the middle class. Putting Sacramentans back to work ensures that the community will be able to invest in local establishments and generate growth throughout the city.

The construction of the ESC, revitalization of Downtown Sacramento and additional investment and development brings unparalleled economic resurgence, jobs and new opportunities in work and education for the most deserving and underserved communities in Sacramento.

Learn more about this program here.

This week: Community Center Theater Project Open House, City Council Item


The Community Center Theater open house is this Wednesday, April 16 beginnging at 5:30 p.m. at the theater located on 1301 L Street. This open house is aimed to give you an update on the project including the design options, costs and timeline.  Following the open house, on April 17, we’ll be taking an item to City Council with a recommendation on the renovation project.

Built in 1974, the Community Center Theater is a staple of the Sacramento community.  It is home to season productions for Broadway Sacramento, the Sacramento Ballet, Sacramento Opera, Sacramento Community Concerts, Sacramento Philharmonic and Sacramento Speakers Series. Necessary improvements are needed to accommodate code compliance issues and to enhance theater goer’s experience. This project will be the first renovation since its opening 40 years ago.


Sacramento’s hard work on water saving is paying off


How well is Sacramento doing so far in reducing water use? Pretty well, in fact as the numbers are in and our water conversation efforts are paying off. City water customers have saved over 355 million gallons of water in the month of March.

Water demands were about 62 million gallons of water per day last month, as compared to an average 74 million gallons of water per day in March for the last two years. This equals a roughly 16 percent reduction, about the annual water usage of about 2,300 homes.

City departments achieved a remarkable 54 percent water use reduction, compared to an average usage for the month of March over the past two years. The City was able to achieve this savings by using a few strategic methods.

  • Reducing parks and recreational facility outdoor irrigation, excluding high use sports fields
  • Reducing watering of landscaped medians on City streets and roadways
  • Reducing the number of car washes for City Fleet vehicles
  • Placing signage in restrooms and other areas of City buildings to remind of the need to save water
  • Inventorying plumbing fixtures in City facilities to find opportunities to convert to low water use fixtures

To help address increased water use on non-watering days, the City implemented increased enforcement of non-watering days on Thursday and Friday with a dawn and dusk patrol.

Remember, we all need to do our part in continuing to save water. For more information on the City’s water conservation efforts, please visit or follow on Facebook.

History and fashion enthusiasts, mark your calendar

Bust out your favorite pair of shoes and join fashion and history enthusiasts alike Thursday, April 24 through Sunday, April 27. The Center for Sacramento History is hosting a four day event, Inside the Vault Textile Tours: Fabulous footwear, which shows how footwear has provided clues to historical periods. Here is the rare opportunity to view nearly 75 pairs of shoes dating from the 1860s to 1980s.

Guests can enjoy shopping for vintage clothing from local vendors, taking self-guided tours of displays, listening to lively music and participating in “Best Shoes” and “Best Vintage Outfit” contests. Tickets are $15 in advance and$17 at the door.

For more information visit their website, or contact Veronica Kandl at 916-808-7073.

Entertainment and Sports Center Project will be heard at Planning Commission on April 10

A proposed rendering of the Entertainment & Sports Center is seen at night.

Today, the City will post the staff report for the April 10 Planning and Design Commission (PDC) meeting on the Entertainment and Sports Center project (ESC). This is anticipated to be the last of eight hearings by the PDC on the ESC project. The PDC will forward its final recommendations to the City Council at this meeting. The ESC project is scheduled for City Council consideration on May 13.

The City’s Planning and Design Commission will make recommendations to the City Council on a host of planning and design issues related to the ESC, public plaza, digital billboard program, and the planning approvals for up to 1.5 million square feet in new mixed use development contemplated in the area surrounding the ESC.

The April 10 meeting is the latest milestone in a six-month public input process facilitated by the City, Kings and PDC to ensure strong public oversight, feedback and engagement on ESC planning and design issues. Ideas gathered from the public have been incorporated into the design of the ESC, the public plaza and the surrounding development area.

Notable items in the staff report include:

  • Arena design. Groundbreaking design concepts that provide for a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly facility to serve the region’s entertainment, sporting and family event needs.
  • Plaza development. As part of the ESC Project, the Kings have worked with the City, and with the community to develop a landmark open space plaza that will serve as a central gathering place that, like the ESC, celebrates the best of Sacramento and the region.
  • L Street activation. A key priority has been to ensure that the ESC design maximizes its potential impact to activate the surrounding downtown area, particularly on the L Street side of the project. The report details several measures planned to maximize this activation.
  • Bicycle facilities. As part of an overall plan to promote use of alternative modes of transportation, the ESC Project will include 126 short- and long-term bike parking spaces; a bike valet program to accommodate spikes in bicycle usage; and identification of several locations to accommodate future bike-share programs anticipated by the City.

The Kings and City will incorporate any feedback and recommendations from the PDC into final materials that will be prepared for final Council action and public review on Tuesday May 13.

Upcoming important dates:

  • April 22, 2014 – City Staff to provide an update to Sacramento City Council on project approval timeline, agreements and financing plan.
  • May 13, 2014 – City Staff will present the Entertainment and Sports Center project to Sacramento City Council for final approval. Definitive agreements, Final Environmental Impact Report, Financing Plan, Entitlements and Digital Billboard Ordinance will be posted online for the public to review well in advance of the May 13 Council meeting. A media release will be distributed when those documents are available.

Additional information about the project, including background reports, development application and timeline can be found on the ESC website.

Sacramento public safety officials acknowledged for their heroism



Sacramento firefighter Captain Chad Augustin and police officer Doug Rosin received awards for acts of heroism in the Sacramento community through the Sally and Hubert Mee Fund at Sacramento Region Community Foundation.

A member of the Sacramento Fire Department since January 1999, Captain Augustin courageously located and removed an unconscious victim out of a burning building after being told a man was trapped inside. Currently, Captain Augustin is serving as a supervisor on one of the busiest fire companies in the city at Engine 20.

Officer Rosin took control of a volatile situation involving an armed subject, assisted an injured officer, and continued in a leadership role while among officers from different agencies. Rosin has been a police officer with the Sacramento Police Department for 11 years and assigned to the Sacramento Police Department SWAT team for over seven years.

Each spring, the daughters of Sally and Hubert Mee return to Sacramento to carry on an important family tradition – honoring heroes from the Sacramento Police and Fire Departments. For years until their passing in 2007, Sally and Hubert Mee hosted a special event for those who keep us safe to honor their meritorious acts with financial awards. The awards program was made possible through the Sally and Hubert Mee Fund, which the Mees established in 1994 at Sacramento Region Community Foundation.

City launches Food to Fuel pilot – collects food waste from Elmhurst Neighborhood

Food to Fuel logo

Under the leadership of Councilmember Kevin McCarty, the City of Sacramento has begun a one-year pilot project to collect food scraps from residents in the Elmhurst neighborhood, and turn the food into fuel.

The Recycling and Solid Waste division will collect food waste in the same container as yard waste and deliver it to Republic Services. Republic will separate the food from the yard waste, weigh all materials and transport the food scraps to Clean World Partners. Clean World Partners will use a digester to process the food into fuel, which the City uses to power several of its garbage trucks.

“I initiated this pilot project because food waste and organics are a large portion of the City’s waste going to our landfill,” says Council member Kevin McCarty. “Recycling this food waste and turning it into fuel moves our City toward being greener and smarter.”

Food to Fuel Infographic

“This voluntary program will provide the City important data that will help inform future waste disposal efforts,” says Steve Harriman, the City’s Integrated Waste General Manager. “ We’ll learn the makeup of the types of food and yard waste that will be collected so we can plan for the appropriate types of facilities that could efficiently convert Sacramento’s unique food-yard waste mixture into fuel or other reusable products.”

The pilot will be conducted for one year. Make sure to follow Food to Fuel!


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