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Salvation Army Holds 10K Ice Cream Scoop Challenge


What’s better than free ice cream? Free ice cream for a cause, of course! On Tuesday, in an effort to raise 10,000 dollars towards community programs for The Salvation Army of Sacramento, Denali Flavors, Raley’s and Sunnyside Farms partnered to donate ten thousand scoops of ice cream for the Salvation Army’s cause. For every scoop served, Denali Farms donated one dollar to the cause.


As the challenge took place in Cesar Chavez Plaza, children, teens, and workers alike came out to enjoy the free treat, cool day, and friendly gathering. The Moose tracks flavor served, developed by Denali Flavors, was a hot commodity as attendees grabbed seconds, and even thirds!


While the event took place, attendees were also encouraged to tweet the hash tag #10KScoops to be entered for a chance to win free Denali’s ice cream for a whole year! It’s safe to say this was a deliciously fun event for our community.

Capitol Box Public Art Project Begins Downtown


Adorned with colorful art, this week, 28 utility boxes will be dressed up as part of a public art display throughout downtown. A project sponsored by the Capitol Area Development Authority (CADA) and the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission (SMAC), will activate key utility boxes throughout a portion of downtown Sacramento.

“This idea isn’t new. It’s just new to Sacramento.  Hopefully this project helps to inspire more public art in Sacramento and help the city in building its own image and identity,” said Todd Leon R Street Manager for CADA.


These boxes, located primarily in the Capitol Area Development Authority’s district between 7th and 17th streets and L and S streets in downtown Sacramento will be covered with art from 20 Sacramento artists.

“The project will transform and define the CADA district, while exposing thousands of people every day to the work of artists – most of which are new to the public arena,” said Shelly Willis, SMAC Public Art Program Director. Willis added that it is likely this project will also do something very practical — discourage vandalism.

CADA and SMAC invite the public to attend its Second Saturday artists’ reception August 9, 2014 in honor of the 20 participating artists who were selected for the Capitol Box Art Project.  The reception will begin at 4 p.m. at the Courtyard located at 1322 O Street (corner of 14th and O streets next to Sam’s Market).  In addition to meeting the artists, attendees will be provided walking tour brochures, which detail the location of all 28 art boxes.

For more information about the project, visit: or


311 call center phones impacted by system upgrade Friday evening

The City of Sacramento 311 Call Center will be affected as a result of a city-wide phone system upgrade this Friday.  The upgrade will take place between 6 p.m. and just before midnight on Friday, July 18. Customers could receive longer than expected hold times or a busy signal when calling 311.

All City phone lines beginning with the “808” prefix will be out of service during this time.  As a result, customers should call 311 from within city limits or 264-5011.

Residents and business owners can still submit service requests online by visiting and submitting a service request directly or by downloading the Sac311 smartphone app for future use.

Gold is the New Green campaign makes national news

Gold is the new green

Recently on NBC Nightly News, reporter Mike Taibbi takes us on a journey around the state, and even features our own campaign for water conservation, “Gold is the New Green.” Take a look at the well done piece that focuses on our region’s need to take this drought seriously. Visit NBC News for more.

As seen on NBC's website.

As seen on

Feel like having a tail wagging good time?


Join the Front Street Shelter for our second annual benefit party of the year, Paws to Party!  No need to dress up, no ties or tight girdles, just a rip roaring soiree with good eats, libations and music that will get you on the dance floor. Make check to check out the PDF flier for more details.

Tickets available on line:

Illegal dumping is a crime and a blight on our neighborhoods.


The City of Sacramento is cracking down on illegal dumpers. The RID campaign encourages citizens to report illegal dumping and offers generous rewards if the information leads to a citation or a conviction. A media event today kicked off the new “RID” campaign from the City’s Recyling & Solid Waste Division. RID stands for Report Illegal Dumping and calls on all citizens to be aware of dumpers and to report it immediately.

If you see a pile on the street – don’t wait – report it. Call 311 (916) 264-5011, report online at or use the Sac311 App for Iphone or Android. The faster it is reported, the sooner enforcement and removal can begin. Provide as accurate a location as possible, address, or cross street nearest the pile.

Dumping in Progress

If you witness illegal dumping in progress, note the license plate, vehicle make and model, and description of violator and immediately call 311 to file a report.

Reward Program

The City’s new reward program can provide between $500 – $1,000 to persons providing information to the City which results in either an administrative penalty for the violator or an arrest and misdemeanor conviction. Details on how the reward program works and who is eligible is available here. Make sure to visit the Illegal Dumping page for more info on how you can get involved.

RID logo

Cesar Chavez “Hoop Mob” event

More than 500 children from the Sacramento START program performed a hula hoop routine to music from the 1950s at Cesar Chavez Park on July 15, 2014.

Sacramento START partnered with Kellee McQuinn, founder of KidTribe to create the choreography and training for the event. KidTribe is an acclaiamed  children’s fitness program that has also held events at the White House Easter Egg Roll and Nickelodeon Worldwide Day of Play.

The City of Sacramento Parks and Recreation Department offers the Sacramento START free summer and after school programs to elementary school students at 33 schools.

Children at the following schools participated in the Hoop Mob event: Golden Empire Elementary, Pony Express Elementary, Tahoe Elementary, John Cabrillo Elementary, Garden Valley Elementary, Del Paso Elementary, Robla Elementary and Glenwood Elementary.

Cal State Fair revs up again!


Guess what day is it! Well, yes it’s Friday, but also… the California State Fair Opens today! Do you have your tickets yet?

“For more than 160 years, the California State Fair has showcased the best of California. The best will be celebrated once again at the California State Fair July 11 – 27 at Cal Expo. Tickets to the Fair start as low as $10 for adults, $6 for children, $8 for seniors and $29.99 for a season pass.”

Gold is the new green

Gold is the new green

City explains patches of ‘gold’ grass with new tagline on signage and digital communications

The City wants citizens to know the grass isn’t always greener on City property during the drought. Temporary signs are being posted on some City properties where grass is withering due to as much as a 33 percent cutback in watering as compared to an average of the same period in 2012 and 2013. Metal signs are going to be installed at City parks, reminding people of the new color scheme and the City’s website.

“With watering limited to two days a week in the peak of summer, the grass is not dying, but it is stressed,” said Jim Combs, director of Parks and Recreation. “Gold grass should green up again with cooler temperatures and, hopefully, rain in the fall. But for now, we want to keep imploring everyone to do their part ­– even if it’s not pretty.”

The City has also created new signs for residents to put on their lawns telling their neighbors that their gold lawn is helping to mitigate the drought. Signs are available upon request at the Department of Utilities Customer Service Office, 1395 35th Avenue, open Monday through Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Commercial and residential users are asked to only water two days a week, depending upon the address. Addresses ending in ODD numbers water on Tuesdays and Saturdays; addresses ending in EVEN numbers water on Wednesdays and Sundays. The City is urging residents to check their timers. Property owners and tenants or business owners with regularly professionally maintained yards should remind their landscaper of the City’s watering rules,  ask their landscaper to check the timer and if need be, reset it.

The City’s stage two water shortage contingency plan mirrors the governor’s drought declaration asking for a 20 percent reduction in water use. Businesses and residential users have gradually dropped usage by 17 percent in June as compared to an average of 2012 and 2013. According to the Regional Water Authority, usage in the region is down by 18 percent over the same periods.

Top survey results shared

This week the City closed a survey on Envision Sacramento about water conservation and what else citizens are doing to cut back besides limiting watering to two days a week.

The survey had 53 respondents. The top two responses given about ways to conserve less are:

  • recycle water from sink and/or shower for other uses
  • shorter shower time and/or skip a shower every other day

On the question about if there’s anything else Sacramento water customers (residential and commercial) can do to get to the 20 percent goal, the top three responses are:

  • set water timers
  • plant drought tolerant plants
  • keep an eye out for broken sprinkler heads

For more information about watering restrictions and conservation, go to

Summer at City Hall brings valuable experience to high school youth

Summer at City Hall

Nearly 85 Summer at City Hall students line up and cheese for a group shot.

For seven summer weeks, the City of Sacramento holds its free Summer at City Hall program. This program, aimed at providing incoming 11th and 12th grade high school students with the opportunity to network and gain valuable information, also allows students to work alongside City decision makers.

Once selected for the program, students are exposed to the fun and hard work that comes along with being a City official. Allowing the students to intermingle, many with shared interests join together as they attend enjoyable and instructive classes exposing them to the ins-and-outs of what it means to be a City member and community leader.

If gaining insight and experience isn’t enough, students also earn five high school credits and a stipend for completing the 7 week course and a 30 hour internship.

Once complete, the program wraps up with an admirable graduation ceremony for the students, hosted in the Sacramento City Hall Chambers. Parents, internship supervisors, community partners and supporters are all welcomed as the students celebrate their growth and development as a result of the program and its information, resources, and experience provided.



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