SacPark to revolutionize parking downtown

The SacPark program aims to make the downtown experience more convenient, pleasant, and accessible. Not only will the new SacPark technology point you to available parking in the near future through the use of an App, but it will also help you avoid a citation.

Don’t worry about having to rush out of a meeting or skipping out on that dessert.

Soon, short-term meters in downtown will provide patrons who occasionally need extra parking time the option to stay parked beyond the posted limit.

How does it work? Posted time limit signs at most short-term meters will be replaced with new SacPark signage reflecting the same number of hours, but providing an option to extend time. For example, a two-hour meter time limit sign will be replaced with a 2+ meter sign.

Sacramento Parking

Pricing is determined by the posted SacPark signage. The regular $1.75 per hour rate will still apply for the number of hours posted on the meter sign. Motorists who may need additional time beyond that may pay $3 for up to one more hour (Tier 2) and  $3.75 each hour thereafter  (Tier 3).

For example, a sign reflecting 2+ means $1.75 for the first two hours, then $3.00 for the next hour, and $3.75 for every hour thereafter. The intent of this program is to still promote the turnover of parking spaces by providing the same time limit, however allowing those who may need a little extra time, to stay by paying the higher tiered rates.

SacPark meters are now available around the Crocker Art Museum. Expansion to short-term meters will be a phased approach between April and October 2016 to existing metered parking spots within the Central City. The new App will also be available in the Fall of 2016.

For more information about new and upcoming parking technology, and to learn more about the City’s expansion of tier-based pricing, please visit