Data Report: How the City responded to homelessness (Nov. 6-12)

Assistant City Manager Mario Lara on Nov. 14 provided the weekly report to the City Council regarding the work of the City’s Incident Management Team responding to homelessness.

From Nov. 6-12, the City of Sacramento received 835 calls to 311 customer service related to unsheltered individuals.

Through the work of the IMT, 2,306 calls were closed, meaning that either the issue was remedied, compliance was achieved, or the issue no longer existed when City staff inspected the site.

Lara said the “significant spike” in calls closed this week was in part “a result of closing out calls that were more than 30 days old and that pertain to sites that had either generated multiple calls or that had been previously visited and addressed.

“Staff is working on closing out and removing some of the backlog we have in the system,” he said.

Overall, the City currently has 2,228 calls related to homelessness pending.

In terms of outreach, staff from the City’s Department of Community Response enrolled 114 people into shared local databases that match them with shelters and other resources.

In addition, 34 people were placed into the Miller Park Safe Ground or the Outreach and Engagement Center.

Regarding waste removal, the City cleaned up 214,880 pounds of trash along with 1,735 needles.

Members of the IMT, including the Sacramento Police Department’s IMPACT team, achieved compliance 120 times for calls involving sidewalk obstruction, unlawful storage, unlawful camping and other issues.

Lara also provided year-to-date numbers as part of his presentation to Council. Since January, the City has responded to 39,163 calls related to homelessness. It has also removed 42,085 cubic yards of trash and 45,663 needles.

Here is the complete weekly report: 11.6-11.12 IMT Data Report

Watch Lara’s presentation to the City Council below:

Click here to learn more about the City’s comprehensive response to the homelessness crisis.

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