Code enforcement & police officers keep eye out for outdoor pot planting

Marijuana farm

2 X 4’s and plastic sheeting built as a makeshift greenhouse, another greenhouse for marijuana cultivation.

More than 162 residential parcels have been identified by police as being in violation of a new ordinance requiring cultivation to be restricted in residential areas to indoors, unless approved by the City.  Officers from code enforcement and police have teamed up to enforce this new code.

The Community Development Department developed a Notice of Violation form used by both Code Enforcement and Police Officers for use whenever a site inspection is performed and violations of the medical marijuana cultivation ordinance are observed.

In an effort to keep public safety concerns under control, the new code requires residents to cultivate inside a fully enclosed and secure building, keep the cultivation area under 400 square feet, and comply with all safety and lighting precautions.

Aside from outdoor cultivation being an attractive nuisance due to strong odor, when visible it has also become a target for burglaries, crime and other disturbances.