Need to borrow a cup of sugar? Go NextDoor logo delivers news to neighborhoods

Have you heard about NextDoor? It’s a private social media network for neighbor-to-neighbor dialogue, be it about crime activity, traffic alerts, or community events.

Communities are created based on neighborhood association boundaries, allowing citizens to converse about issues specific to their area. The Police Department started using it to encourage neighborhood watch and alert other neighbors of crime activity.

The City Manager’s Office is now using this new social media site to share information with residents– including information about service interruptions, code issues, public works projects, and community and neighborhood events.

To date, 94 neighborhoods are active on NextDoor, which translates into more than 9354 residents.

Log on to and see if you have a NextDoor community.  If you don’t, you should start one today.  This will allow you to connect for that cup of sugar or find out the latest happenings in your ‘hood.

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