Pedaling toward secure bike parking

A bicyclist pedals by

Councilmember Steve Hansen is working hard to find creative solutions to challenging community problems, including bicycle theft. Steve’s answer to this problem is a comprehensive bicycle theft prevention program called RideOn! The key feature of RideOn is a free bicycle registry created by the Sacramento Police Department.

The concept is simple – provide a place where bike owners can easily register their property free of charge. Police officers will have access to registry information when necessary. A registry will help with the quick identification and speedy return of stolen bikes, and help with the prosecution of bike thieves.

In addition to the registry, Steve’s office is working with community partners to develop a public outreach campaign to promote the registry and educate citizens about preventing bike thefts. The campaign will cover how to lock a bike, where to lock a bike, what kind of lock to use, the common mistakes to avoid, and much more. RideOn!

Look for more announcements on the project on Councilmember Hansen’s District 4 website.