How should the city activate the retail space located at parking garage at 10th and I streets?

SAC_6112 (1)You’ve driven by it many times if you’re downtown near City Hall.  Most recently, the parking garage at the corner of 10th and I streets was renovated; an extreme makeover of sorts, complete with new paint, new signage and up-lighting to make it shine at night.

The City has also relocated city services that once comprised a vast majority of first floor office and retail space.

Because of that, we want to hear your thoughts on Envision Sacramento.

As we begin to market the location, which includes more than 13,000 square feet of vacant retail space, what do you think should go there? Most recently, the Sacramento Business Journal said that it’s a great opportunity for a public market.

Let us know your thoughts so that it can help us as we market the site! Go to Envision Sacramento and share your suggestions.