Our city like you’ve never seen it before

Sure, you’ve seen plenty of videos from within Sacramento. Quality work is being produced in this city all the time, though every now and then a piece of work pops up that seems to renew the way we see the City of  Trees. Recently featured by Visit California and chosen as a Vimeo Staff Pick, area local Justin Majeczky’s video “Sacramento Timelapse” does exactly that.

Exploding sunset colors, lush countrysides, thriving, pulsing nightlife and gorgeous cityscapes are all captured here. It’s hard to imagine how someone might capture all that time and distill it down to a single, eye opening video, though Majeczky does just that.

City nightscape, Photo courtesy of Justin Majeczky, 2014

“Over 20,000 individual photographs and 18 months of hard work went into creating this timelapse journey around the Sacramento area.” he says on his page, “Two years ago my wife and I relocated to Sacramento, California so she could attend school. While here, I have learned to love the vast ethnic and scenic diversity of the area.”

One thing is for sure, we can’t wait to see what else Justin Majeczky comes up with for Sacramento.

City nightsacpe, Photo courtesy of Justin Majeczky, 2014