Sacramento public safety officials acknowledged for their heroism



Sacramento firefighter Captain Chad Augustin and police officer Doug Rosin received awards for acts of heroism in the Sacramento community through the Sally and Hubert Mee Fund at Sacramento Region Community Foundation.

A member of the Sacramento Fire Department since January 1999, Captain Augustin courageously located and removed an unconscious victim out of a burning building after being told a man was trapped inside. Currently, Captain Augustin is serving as a supervisor on one of the busiest fire companies in the city at Engine 20.

Officer Rosin took control of a volatile situation involving an armed subject, assisted an injured officer, and continued in a leadership role while among officers from different agencies. Rosin has been a police officer with the Sacramento Police Department for 11 years and assigned to the Sacramento Police Department SWAT team for over seven years.

Each spring, the daughters of Sally and Hubert Mee return to Sacramento to carry on an important family tradition – honoring heroes from the Sacramento Police and Fire Departments. For years until their passing in 2007, Sally and Hubert Mee hosted a special event for those who keep us safe to honor their meritorious acts with financial awards. The awards program was made possible through the Sally and Hubert Mee Fund, which the Mees established in 1994 at Sacramento Region Community Foundation.

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