Animal shelter manager jumps out of a plane… for furry creatures


You know you have dedicated employees when one of them is willing to jump out of a perfectly good airplane in order to raise money for her division. Front Street Shelter Manager Gina Knepp, did just that, and successfully jumped out of an airplane from 18,000 feet to raise money for the abandoned, neglected and surrendered animals in the City of Sacramento.

“Thank goodness this nice young man was strapped to my back, I got distracted and totally forgot to pull the parachute open when it was time.  Jumping from 18,000 feet is colder than heck, but we made money for the shelter without having to do anything except jump out of a plane,” said Front Street Manager Gina Knepp.

Raising $5468.00 through donations received strictly via social media, our animal loving community really stepped up to the plate.  What’s next? NASCAR! Anything for the animals!  Well, anything proven to be safe, that is. Huge congrats to Gina for conquering a fear all in the name of fur.

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