Want to get involved? Volunteer!


Just in time for students to get in the last of their required hours of community service, the City is releasing an important resource for parents, teachers and students looking to find high quality community service and volunteer opportunities.

The publication is available free from the City ‘s Volunteer Program and Directors of Volunteers in Agencies (DOVIA). The “Youth Volunteer Directory” provides a comprehensive guide to non-profit organizations and governmental agencies that welcome youth as volunteers in the Sacramento region.

The City of Sacramento Volunteer Program has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for adults, teens and youth. These include on-going volunteer positions as well as short-term activities.

For opportunities with the City of Sacramento, contact Mary Lynn Perry, Volunteer Coordinator at (916) 808-8317 or email: mperry@cityofsacramento.org or go to the Volunteer Program website. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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