Five ways to make your neighborhood beautiful


We’ve got an app that will enable you to quickly report problems in your neighborhood or anywhere else in Sacramento.  You can request certain services, too.  How can you make YOUR neighborhood more beautiful?  We’ve got five ways using the Sac311 app (available on iPhone App Store, Android Play Store) or at

  1.  Illegal Dumping – Piles of garden waste, or other garbage dumped in the public right of way, including streets, sidewalks and medians make our neighborhoods less attractive. Reporting these problems as soon as you see them helps keep them from becoming even bigger nuisances.
  2. Graffiti Abatement – Graffiti left on display in a neighborhood results in even more graffiti. Report any graffiti you see and the graffiti abatement team will work to ensure it is removed as quickly as possible.
  3. High Weeds on Private Property – Owners of private property are required to keep their unpaved land maintained, and not allow weeds to grow out of control.
  4. Abandoned Vehicles – Abandoned vehicles invite vandalism, and are an eye sore in a neighborhood. If a vehicle has been parked on the street for 72 hours or more without moving, it is considered abandoned.
  5. Household Junk Pickups – A great way to keep your neighborhood looking beautiful is to take advantage of the two annual Household Junk Pickups offered by the Solid Waste Division, which you can schedule directly in the Sac311 App. Once you submit your request for a Household Junk Pickup, you will receive email confirmation with your pickup date. For details on what you can or cannot include in a Household Junk Pickup visit the program webpage.

You may also report any of these over the phone by calling 311 within City limits, or 916-264-5011.


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