Front Street Animal Shelter prepares for the busiest week of the year


Shelters across the country are bracing themselves for the increase of stray animals that escape the safety of their homes in fear of fireworks. While July 4th may be a time for BBQs, fireworks and homemade ice cream, it is less thrilling for the family pet. Loud booms and the smell of acrid smoke is often enough to instill panic in some animals, who will do anything to escape the noise and perceived threat.

Area pet lovers are encouraged to take some precautions in advance of the big day, the Front Street Animal Shelter and the Pharr road animal hospital are offering simple, easy and affordable solutions to keep our four legged friends safe. The City of Sacramento’s Front Street Shelter is offering $5.00 microchips and free ID tags, two great ways to ensure a lost pet is returned home. Microchip registration is free and easy for the life of the pet. Most people finding a stray with identification will call the owner before contacting a local shelter. The City’s Animal Control Officers will drive a stray home before bringing it to the shelter if locating the owner is possible. Identification and microchips make that possible.

The fewer animals entering the sheltering system, facilitates the reduction of euthanasia, along with the costs to local taxpayers. With redemption rates for dogs at 15% and cats at 1-2% in Sacramento, it is our hope that by offering easy and affordable access to identification solutions, more pet owners will take safeguards to protecting their pets.

In addition to identification, animal owners are encouraged to consider the following suggestions:

• Keep pets indoors and away from crowds so that they feel more protected. The loud noise can make dogs try to dig out of their yards, so keeping them inside is recommended.
• Turning on the television or creating indoor noise might help as a distraction to mask the sound of fireworks.
• If you are traveling, you may consider boarding your pet in a safe place versus leaving them home alone.
• In severe cases, your veterinarian may choose to prescribe a sedative for your animal if it tends to become easily spooked by the fireworks.
• Keep pets away from fireworks, matches, lighter fluid, as well as the food and drinks (including alcohol) that may accompany 4th of July celebrations.

Micro chipping and tag service is offered:

Wednesday – Sunday 9:00am – 5:00pm (Reception building)
Wednesday – Sunday 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm (Main Building)
2127 Front Street, Sacramento, CA 95818

Lost pets can be viewed on our website, however checking in person frequently is strongly recommended. If a pet is lost, all area shelters should be checked.

The shelter will be closed on the 4th of July.