2035 General Plan to be updated

2035 General Plan Update Project. Upcoming Planning and Design Commission workshop announced.


City planners will be updating the General Plan over the course of the next six months. While there was a major overhaul to the plan back in 2009, this five year update will reflect changed conditions and priorities, streamline development review and implementation and address new state laws.

As part of the update, the City will be releasing the public draft of the plan and associated environmental documents on August 11, 2014.

On August 14, the Planning and Design Commission will include a workshop on the status of the 2035 General Plan Update at 5:30 p.m. at New City Hall.

Key changes to the General Plan Update


The City will make five key changes to the general plan, including:

  • Incorporating and integrating the Climate Action Plan into the General Plan. It will be kept up-to-date as future updates occur in the General Plan and will continue to be a guiding document to measure and monitor development that assists with greenhouse gas reductions.
  • Amending flood protection policies and maps to address flood risks and higher standards for flood protection. Proposed policies include levee requirements, new development evaluations, and flood management planning efforts, all resulting in a minimum flood protection standard of a 200-year event.
  • Modifying parks acreage service level from five acres per thousand residents to 3.5 acres outside the Central City and 1.75 per thousand residents within the Central City. The proposed change will make infill development easier to achieve while retaining (and reflecting) the actual level of service currently provided.
  • Changing traffic level of service by setting policies that focus on reducing vehicle trips and shifting trips to walking, biking, and transit.
  • Adding urban agriculture goals and policies aimed to promote urban agriculture, in order to support the production and sale of locally grown foods, as well as improve public health and well-being, increase public awareness, and community-building, particularly in areas that have vacant or underutilized land.

Key dates
To learn more about the key milestones for the update, visit the General Plan website to see the project timeline.

For more information, send an email over to sacgp@cityofsacramento.org.

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