The 2035 General Plan Update


In 2009 the city of Sacramento completed the 2030 General Plan, a major overhaul of the old 1988 General Plan. While the 2030 General Plan has served the City well since its 2009 adoption, a five-year update is necessary to reflect changed conditions and priorities, streamline development review and implementation, and address new state laws. Key changes include:
Climate Action Plan (CAP)
The 2035 General Plan will incorporate and integrate the CAP, which will ensure that greenhouse gas reduction measures for public and private development are implemented and monitored. The CAP will be updated and kept current as future updates to the 2035 General Plan are made.
Flood Protection
The 2035 General Plan, in compliance with state law, will be amended to include policies and maps to address flood risks and higher standards for flood protection. Policies proposed include levee requirements, new development evaluations, and flood management planning efforts, all resulting in a minimum flood protection standard of a 200-year event.
Parks Acreage Service Level
The 2035 General Plan proposes modification to the Park Acreage Service Level Goal from 5 acres per thousand residents to 3.5 acres outside the Central City and 1.75 per thousand residents within the Central City. The proposed changes will make infill development easier to achieve while retaining (and reflecting) the actual level of service currently provided.
Traffic Level of Service
The current traffic LOS standard typically requires mitigation that results in increases in road size inconsistent with urban land uses. In infill areas, wider roads may not be appropriate or desirable. Wider roads increase capital costs and costs of operations and maintenance (O&M).
Urban Agriculture
The 2035 General Plan includes new goals and policies to promote urban agriculture, in order to support the production and sale of locally grown foods, as well as improve public health and well-being, increase public awareness, and community-building, particularly in areas that have vacant or underutilized land.

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