City seeks businesses interested in hosting ‘parklets’

City releasing request for proposals for public parklets on National Park(ing) Day

Image courtesy American Society of Landscape Architects, Sacramento
Image courtesy American Society of Landscape Architects, Sacramento

The City is releasing a request for proposals from businesses and organizations interested in constructing a parklet. A parklet is a creative urban space which serves as an extension of the sidewalk that provides seating and greenery. A  way of converting one or more parking spaces into unique urban spaces, parklets are quickly gaining traction throughout the country and seek to re-purpose and reactivate the right-of-way into a more pedestrian friendly environment.

The City is seeking sponsors to build and maintain eight parklets by re-releasing a second request for proposals. The City is currently reviewing two proposals to put parklets on L Street between 18th and 17th streets and on 9th between J and K streets.

The 2nd Annual Sacramento United Park(ing) Day will be held on Friday, Sept. 19 on 20th Street between J and K Streets, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. The winner of the best displayed parklet will remain on the street through Saturday and will be exhibited at the Midtown Business Association’s Farmers Market.

The request for proposals runs from Sept. 19 through Nov. 3. The Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District is offering a $1,000 grant to each sponsoring organization with an approved parklet plan. Park(ing) Day was the driving force behind the popularity of parklets in other cities. Please see for information on submitting a proposal and planning requirements.

Visit the American Society of Landscape Architects page to learn more about Parking Day.