Sacramento Valley Station

What’s under the big white bubble at the Sacramento Valley Station?

Construction and renovation of the historic Amtrak building continues, as Sacramento’s development and growth can be seen in a multitude of projects around the city. One aspect that makes Sacramento unique to other cities is the rich history that lies in its foundation.

The Sacramento Valley Station is located at the 401 I Street on the corner of Fifth Street and is the second busiest station in California, and 7th busiest Amtrak station in America. The station provides travel for thousands of riders a day and over a million passengers per year.

With all those passengers, some must wonder what’s under that big white bubble that has popped up. Though it may look like something from an outer space movie, what’s going on underneath is quite interesting…

The Sacramento Valley Station enters stage 2 of 3 in the construction process. Once finished, the station will include an 800 square foot rooftop terrace, complete with views of the city.

It will also boast over 12,000 square feet of available retail space on both the first and second floor, which is great news for business owners looking to cater to a bustling hub of travelers.

Don’t forget to head to Sacramento Valley Station for more info on possible construction impacts to customers utilizing the station.

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