Parking Smart Meter

Parking Improvement Planning critical to accomplishing smart urban growth

To make the parking experience easier, the City is currently working to improve its parking services, and is coordinating with residents and businesses throughout the process.

With so many new developments and attractions, visitors from across the region are flocking to experience Sacramento’s burgeoning urban core. As Sacramento continues to evolve, the City needs to improve the current flow of traffic to accommodate the smart growth it desires.

The City is already in the process of upgrading technologies to make paying for parking much more convenient. You can’t miss the new single-space, solar-operated machines downtown. In early 2014, the City installed 4,300 of them that accept multiple forms of payment.

Parkmobile app makes parking easier

ParkMobile App

This includes the ability to pay for parking using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, with the Parkmobile app. The ability to use the app was only available at selected meters in Old Sacramento and near City Hall, but soon residents will be able to use the Parkmobile app on meters citywide. That means customers have a new, beneficial, and convenient way to pay for parking on the go. With the app, customers also have the ability to buy extra time, avoiding getting a ticket.

In the next 30-60 days, the City will be bringing a proposal of parking improvements to City Council for consideration. The proposal will include two items: a pilot study on a newly developed program called SPOTZone (Special Parking Over Time), and an increase in the parking meter rate from $1.25 to $1.75.

Proposed SPOTZone program

SPOTZone (Special Parking Over Time)

With SPOTZone, visitors can stay parked at their meters, and not worry about a parking citation. Patrons have the choice to pay remotely by using a smart phone, mobile app or simply paying at the meter. The pilot program offers drivers the option of extending their metered parking session beyond the posted limit. That means you now have the flexibility of spending more time dining, shopping, and participating in business related meetings.

Proposed Meter Rate Increase

Parking rate chart

The City has not increased parking meter rates since 2008. An increase in the parking meter rate is recommended to help offset credit card fees; operating costs such as communication fees; and equipment maintenance costs, which are continually escalating.

Parking Services made tremendous efforts in the past six months to meet with various stakeholder groups to gather input regarding the Parking Improvement Planning effort.

The proposed changes will better manage parking supply and demand during a time of increased activity with new developments, the arena construction, and the City’s commitment to the Mayor’s 10,000 new housing unit initiative. This effort is about preparing the Central City to undertake a renaissance.

For more information on the City’s Parking Improvement Planning effort please visit Parking Services.

A community meeting will also be held by Council Member Jeff Harris on Monday, August 31 at Clunie Community Center in the Alhambra Room from 6 – 7 p.m.