Gather at the Sac Marina for Vessels & Vines, Oct. 3!

The Sacramento Marina is hosting the annual Vessels & Vines on Saturday, October 3 from 5 to 9 p.m., at 2710 Ramp Way, and guess what? You’re invited to this fun-filled event!

Spend your Saturday night out by the water and view a Novelty & Classic Boat Showcase while enjoying food and tasty beverages. Bring your family and friends out to the Sacramento Marina to take part in this great event with live music and a silent auction!

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The event will benefit the Seascout Girls of Liberty Maritime, which are members of an education program that is offered by the Boy Scouts of America. The Liberty Maritime program in particular, is the only large-boat, all female program in the country. This program teaches and develops young girls in hard skills such as engineering and navigation, as well as soft skills of confidence, leadership, and team skills through maintaining and steering their ship through the unpredictable waters.

Come out and show your support for this amazing program and enjoy a night by the Sacramento Marina! For more information, call (916) 808-5712.

Vessels & Vine

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