Bright Underbelly —Sacramento’s own “Sistine Chapel”

“Sacramento’s version of the Sistine Chapel,” as Public Works Director Jerry Way described, Bright Underbelly is the highly anticipated public art project under the freeway on 6th and X Street, which kicked off today at a press conference.

The space will not only house the Sunday morning Farmer’s Market, but will be an iconic piece that will enliven a unique area in our urban core.

Sofia Lacin, left, speaks to the crowd with Hennessy Christophel, right, of LC Studio Tutto, about the project.

According to the artists Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Christophel of LC Studio Tutto, The 70,000 square foot mural will depict a tree canopy containing references to native birds and other species that currently nest under the freeway.

The press conference was held to unveil the start of the mural, and visitors to the area will now see the freeway pillars cloaked in seasonal color.

Project supporters include the City of Sacramento, Caltrans with funding support by the California Endowment, Metro EDGE, Mulvaney’s B&L, and other local businesses and non-profits.

The City continues to look for other opportunities to activate unique areas in downtown Sacramento and can be seen through initiatives like Grid 2.0. The City recently solicited feedback from residents asking their opinions on energizing and activating alleys, along with exploring ways to improve transportation opportunities for the region.

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