Unique “Living Billboard” unveiled at Sacramento City Hall

The City of Sacramento unveiled a unique “Living Billboard” featuring beautiful, low-water use plants. The billboard promotes replacing golden lawn with low-water landscapes and the City’s River-Friendly Landscaping Rebate Program.

An important factor in the City’s success is residents’ willingness to limit landscape watering and to let lawns turn golden. Sacramento has done an outstanding job conserving water this summer—far surpassing the State Water Board’s target.

California is experiencing one of the worst droughts in the state’s history. Gov. Jerry Brown issued an Executive Order in April mandating all Californians to reduce water use. The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) set Sacramento’s conservation target at 28 percent for June 2015 through February 2016 (compared to the same timeframe in 2013).

Fall is an ideal time to plant. In fall, the soil is still warm, allowing roots to grow, and winter rains often mean you don’t need additional water.

The City’s River-Friendly Landscape Rebate program offers up to $1,650 for single-family customers and $6,000 for multi-family and business customers. Rebates will help offset costs for replacing turf, as well as for installing efficient drip irrigation, sprinklers or a weather-based controller.

Rebates are also available for rain barrels to capture the rain we do receive this winter. The “Living Billboard” was created in partnership with Auburn-based Plantasy.

Details and applications for rebates available from the City of Sacramento can be found at Spare Sac Water.

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