Sacramento Permit Tracker

New tool allows public to more easily track building permits

City of Sacramento launches new tool to track status of building permit applications

Today, the City of Sacramento officially launched PermitTracker – a new website that allows the public to find accurate and up-to-date information about permits in the city. See the PermitTracker webpage to see how it works.

“We are providing citizens an easy-to-use tool for obtaining updates on building activities. Permittracker simplifies the process for the applicant and opens up the process to the community,” said Ryan DeVore.

PermitTracker reflects the Sacramento 3.0 city, as it demonstrates innovation, digital infrastructure and inclusion. The enhanced portal opens up the permit process to anyone with a digital device. Information about building permits past 1982 are easily accessible to everyone for free.

“Our goal is to provide building and permit information that is easy to understand for all Sacramento residents,” said Eddie Tejeda, CEO of Civic Insight, which collaborated with the City on the project. “When everyone has the same information, it not only reduces confusion but leads to a more informed community and more productive conversations.”

With it, the public can now:

  • Track building permit activity and view the history of a specific property or area of the city.
  • Track a building application and permit through the approval process.
  • Sign up for auto notification via email when building permit activity occurs at a specified property.
  • Find out city-wide or neighborhood specific trends through simple maps, graphs, and visualizations.
  • Better understand the building and permitting process.

Visit Community Development to learn more about building permits.

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