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City supports solutions to prevent and end homelessness

In addition to a full-time position to oversee the City’s response to homelessness, the City spends over $13.6 million annually to address homelessness, including a commitment of over $2.4 million in this fiscal year alone to fund programs that provide shelter, housing and employment services to people experiencing homelessness in the City. A full report is available that details these programs.

Within the past year, the City’s funds have helped yield the following results:

  • Completed vulnerability assessments on more than 1,537 individuals.
    Connected 625 people with mental health services and 148 with substance abuse treatment.
  • Helped 243 people access public assistance benefits.
  • From January through November 2015, the entire homeless system of care in Sacramento County (shelters, transitional housing, outreach navigators) helped to house 3,455 people.
    • Seventy-three of the most vulnerable of the homeless population came directly off the streets, and, through the outreach navigators were placed in permanent housing.
    • More than 495 veterans and 396 chronically homeless were moved into permanent housing.
  • Starting in the next few weeks there will be rental housing availability for 345 people and/or couples currently in the queue through a City, County and Sutter Health partnership.

Recently, a group has been protesting the City’s ordinance prohibiting camping on public or private property. While the City recognizes the First Amendment right of protesters, the City also has an obligation to enforce laws involving the protection of public health and safety.

Allowing camping on public or private property is not a solution to ending homelessness. It’s not safe and it’s not sanitary. We are continuing to work with our partners and the community to find ways of ending homelessness.

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