New program connects code officers to community

–Code Liaison working with the community to expedite neighborhood code violations–

There were more than 18,000 neighborhood code cases opened last year in the City of Sacramento. With the number of code violations on the rise, the Community Development Department’s Code Compliance Division created a new Code Liaison Officer Program to address routine cases more expeditiously.

The Code Liaison Officer Program focuses on minor code violations such as visible junk and debris, overgrown vegetation, or home auto repair in a residential area. Once a code violation has been reported, a letter will be sent to the property owner and tenant. A follow-up call will be made to the reporting party to ensure the violation has been corrected. If so, the case will be closed. If not, a code enforcement officer will perform a routine site visit.

The improvement to the code process helps to manage caseloads efficiently and enables code enforcement officers to focus on more pressing violations or to be proactive in their enforcement. Since the launch of the program in September 2015, there have been 366 code cases resolved by the Code Liaison Officer.

“This program’s purpose is to better serve our neighborhoods by working closely with the community and keeping residents and business owners informed,” said Code and Housing Enforcement Chief, Carl Simpson.

To report a code violation in your neighborhood, submit a request through 311 online or by phone.

The Code Compliance Division’s goal is to strengthen relationships with neighborhoods and the business community in which it serves. For comments or questions, community members may email Carl Simpson, Code and Housing Enforcement Chief at This email is not for reporting violations.

For more information, please visit Neighborhood Code Compliance.