Residents, visitors advised to be aware of changing river levels

Due to recent rains, the American River is running three feet higher than normal, with cold and swift waters, which may present hazards to those near, or on, the water. Sacramento County Regional Parks is strongly discouraging boating, rafting and swimming. If you choose to go in the river (at your own risk) wear a life jacket.

Due to the changing nature of the rivers, please use caution around any local water way and stay on higher ground.

–Update 3/11/16–

As we experience stormy weather throughout the weekend, the City’s Office of Emergency Services is monitoring changing conditions.

The City, along with the Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services and partners at PG&E, SMUD, state and federal agencies are keeping an eye on releases of water from the Folsom Dam, rising river levels in the Sacramento River and the American River. The releases, together with rainfall, are expected to result in localized flooding of small creeks and streams.

The City is advising citizens to steer clear of the river bank as levels are fluctuating. Discovery Park will also experience some flooding; however, flooding will be within the designed river channels. Swimming, boating, and rafting are discouraged at this time due to the swift current and cold water.

City Public Works and Utilities crews are on patrol throughout the City, monitoring for clogged storm drains.

Sunny conditions should follow the rainy weather for the remainder of next week.

–Update 3/10/2016–

The American River continues to run high and fast. Discovery Park, which is designed to flood during these conditions, is closed. Mile 3 on the American River Parkway multi-use trail is also closed. The previously announced closures remain in effect. Do not go in or near the river if you don’t have to. Pay attention to warning and closure signs.

Visit Sacramento County for daily updates.


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Find more information on the City’s storm preparedness page. Information about outages can be found at  SMUD’s Outage Portal.