Mangan Park Rifle and Pistol Range

City expecting to report test results on Friday for lead levels in soil and dust at Mangan Park

On Friday, April 15, the City is expecting results from tests for lead levels in soil and dust taken at the closed Mangan Park Rifle and Pistol Range and throughout Mangan Park.  After the findings have been evaluated, they will be shared with the public. In the meantime, out of an abundance of caution, City staff will fence off the building perimeter to prevent any public access. The range has been closed since December 24, 2014.

Also, today, City staff met with the Director of the Sacramento County Environmental Management Department and his staff, along with investigators from the State Department of Toxic Substances Control.  It was confirmed that the County is the correct lead agency that the City will work with to address any cleanup that may be required once we have the test results.

Mangan Park and the range is located on 34th Avenue adjacent to the Sacramento Executive Airport.

The Sacramento Bee published an article on Sunday, April 10, about the rifle range, which is owned by the City of Sacramento and was closed in December 2014.

The article and subsequent stories, speculate that lead may have contaminated the soil in the surrounding areas. The tests being performed by outside environmental engineering consultants will confirm whether lead, above state standards, is present in the soil or dust on the building’s exterior, and in the popularly used areas of the park such as the playground, archery range and pool deck.

“We understand the public’s concerns. We hope to have a final determination by the end of the week,” said City Manager John Shirey.

“The City will take prudent action to mitigate any soil areas in the park determined to be at risk,” said Parks and  Recreation Director Chris Conlin.

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