City moving forward to clean up lead contamination at the Mangan Park Rifle and Pistol Range

City receives formal letter from Sacramento County Environmental Management Department.

The City of Sacramento is collaborating with the Sacramento County Environmental Management Department (EMD) and the State Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) on next steps regarding remediation of the lead contamination at the Mangan Park Rifle and Pistol Range. The City received direction from EMD to conduct further testing and prepare work plans for remediation in a letter received today.

“The health and safety of our residents is our number one priority, and we are working closely with the County to comply with the Corrective Action Order,” said Park and Recreation Director, Chris Conlin. The EMD order requires the following actions:

  • Within 10 days, the City will submit results from wipe sample testing in certain hard surface areas outside the range building, including the sidewalks in front of and leading to the entrance of the building. Based on these test results, the existing fence around the building may need to be enlarged. The sidewalks across the street from the building will also be tested.
  • Within 14 days, the City will submit a work plan that identifies how the City will prevent lead dust inside the building from migrating outside. Once the work plan is approved by EMD, the City can implement the protective measures.
  • Within 14 days, the City will also submit a work plan that describes the measures the City will take to clean, remove or encapsulate the lead contamination on the outside of the building and on hard surfaces other than soil to a level that meets the California Department of Public Health standards. The City will implement these measures as soon as EMD issues its work plan approval.
  • Within 30 days, the City will submit a site characterization plan that identifies additional soil testing to confirm the extent of the soil contamination outside of the building per DTSC’s Preliminary Endangerment Assessment Guidelines.
  • Within 120 days, the City will need to submit a soil remediation plan that identifies how the lead contamination in the soil outside of the building will be remediated to comply with the California Office of Environmental Health Assessment levels.

A copy of EMD’s Notice of Corrective Action can be found here.

During the week of April 11, the City’s soil and surface testing in the areas of Mangan Park that are nearby the range building showed that Mangan Park play areas are free of any unsafe levels of lead in the soil or on surface areas. This includes the playground, archery range, soccer field, pool deck and picnic areas. All of these park areas tested well below the residential standard for lead in soil and on surfaces. Also the pool water tested clean. Eight sample sites had elevated levels of lead in soil within five feet from the range building and three surface wipe samples of dust on the range building showed elevated lead levels. The City has erected a fence with warning signs around the building to prevent public access to these areas.

Test Results prior April 15, 2016

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