Untold stories: City employee surprises biggest fan with a hand-made gift

City Recycling & Solid Waste sanitation worker, Angelo Bunac, surprised his biggest fan, two-year-old Hudson, with a hand-made garbage truck, tailored to look just like the one he drives. Hudson is outside every Wednesday morning at 6 a.m., even in the winter time, wearing a big smile and waving at Angelo as he collects their refuse. Angelo thought it was only fitting to make Hudson his own personal garbage truck, painted exactly like a real truck and even connected to wheels.


Angelo has worked for the City of Sacramento for over 13 years and his favorite part of his job is seeing parents and their kids smiling and waving as he drives by. The handmade truck took about 10 hours to make, but seeing a priceless reaction from the child and parents is what’s most rewarding to him.

Although he did not expect publicity while making the trucks, Angelo appreciates the recognition and is glad his story is bringing joy to the community. Go Angelo!


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