Historic J Street clock to be temporarily removed for repair

The Historic Fred Mayes Clock, located on the corner of 10th and J Streets, will be temporarily removed for repair beginning June 28.

The City has conducted a thorough diagnostic and found that the entire clock needs to be removed from its base and taken to a professional workshop to be repaired and resealed to prevent future damages.  A clock expert and a local neon service company have been contracted to perform the work. The clock is expected to be repaired and reinstalled by this fall.

The Fred Mayes clock was designated by the City of Sacramento as a historical landmark in 1982. It is estimated to be over 100 years old and has been installed at several locations in the Downtown area before its current location on J Street.  In 2011, the City commissioned a $25,000 refurbishment to restore the clock to its 1950’s condition. Unfortunately, the clock’s neon and movement components have continued to deteriorate and malfunction.

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