Cast your vote for Front Street Animal Shelter on KCRA’s A-List!

Vote for Front Street Animal Shelter as the best local charity on KCRA’s A-List! For the third consecutive year, our community has a chance to acknowledge the shelter’s exceptional services on the less fortunate animals in Sacramento.

Annually, over 11,000 animals needing medical care and rehabilitation are found on Front Street. To increase the percentage of animals that are treated and placed into loving homes, the shelter hosts various fundraising events for animal care supplies. This past year, they purchased a digital x-ray machine, which allows for immediate diagnostics and improved treatment for the many injured animals that arrive to the shelter. This type of service makes an incredible difference to the injured animal and increases the opportunity for treatment and recovery.

Help recognize Front Street Animal Shelter’s amazing work by voting. A quick click on this link will help Sacramento say thank you to one of the best non-profits in the region!

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