City and partners celebrate new signalized pedestrian crossing

Today, the City of Sacramento celebrated the completion of a new signalized pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Folsom Boulevard and Elvas Avenue.

The completed project enhances pedestrian and bicycle safety for residents, employees, and Sacramento State students. The pedestrian hybrid beacon — the proper term for the technology — is designed to stop vehicles at crosswalks and give pedestrians a controlled crossing through a series of steady and flashing yellow and red lights.

This project is a prime example of the City’s dedication to making its streets safer for all modes of transportation. Last week, City Council passed a resolution adopting Vision Zero by 2027. Vision Zero is a traffic safety philosophy that rejects the notion that traffic crashes are simply “accidents,” but instead, preventable incidents that can and must be systematically addressed.

In addition to the signalized pedestrian crossing on Folsom Boulevard and Elvas, the City is also working on the Folsom Boulevard Complete Streets Rehabilitation. This future project will provide continuous bike lanes, sidewalks, and enhanced safety for all those using the corridor