Sacramento city levees weathering recent storms

City inspectors walk the levees to flag anything that needs to be repaired…

As the City awaits another series of storms, the Department of Utilities remains vigilant in keeping watch on City levees. Together, at times with state inspectors, the levees are watched for any changes during the rainy season. When the water level in the Sacramento River at the I Street bridge is at 25 feet, the levees are monitored 24/7 by the City.

City Utilities Department staff and their counterparts at the state are in constant communication and coordination. Any eroded sites are immediately flagged and addressed.

Up north, the Oroville Reservoir situation is continuously improving. Lake levels are expected to be down by nearly 50 feet by Friday, Feb. 17,  which will provide more than enough capacity for the up to four inches of rain expected through the weekend.

A potential threat of any kind is a good reminder to sign up for emergency notifications. With land line phones going away, the public is strongly encouraged to register to receive an emergency call, text message, or email should there be an emergency situation.

Please take a minute and sign up for our regional emergency alert system.

If something were to happen, officials would be able to let you know what is happening and what you need to do. It’s recommended that you sign up with your home address and work address so you can receive notifications about situations at either location.

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