As river levels recede, City to cease 24-hour levee patrols

Sacramento River below state mandated monitoring levels.

The Sacramento River is currently below 25 feet at the I St. Bridge which is below the State-mandated monitoring stage of 27.5 feet. Utilities is continuing to support the State Department of Water Resources and local residents, by monitoring the levees until noon on Thursday, March 2 as the river levels continues to recede. After March 2, Utilities staff will monitor the levees once a day to verify that there are no erosion issues on the levees

Utilities started 24/7 levee patrol monitoring river levels and potential erosion in January. Since the beginning of the storm season, no significant levee erosion has been reported.

“As rainy weather doused the City for weeks, hundreds of Utilities and Public Works employees responded to numerous calls about clogged storm drains, trees down, or street lights out to keep the community safe,” Bill Busath, Utilities Director said. “Some staff have been on 12-hour shifts for the last six weeks to monitor our rivers, levees, and canals. I applaud the hard work of City staff that helped the region weather the storm.”

As the Sacramento River levels continues to subside, residents are asked to:

  • Contact 311 or use if groundwater seepage is no longer running clear, as this may be a sign on erosion; report any concerns with levees, incidents of localized flooding, or reports of downed trees.
  • In case of an emergency, the City encourages residents to register with the emergency alerts notification system
  • Clear any debris and leaves from storm drains to minimize future localized flooding.
  • Check out for more information, and learn how to have an emergency plan in place. You can also visit for more information on how you can prepare your family and community for a flooding disaster.
  • The drought has impacted the health and structural conditions of many trees. As part of routine maintenance, it is important to have a certified arborist inspect trees for any potential issues. In high winds and wet weather, fallen trees or broken tree branches can seriously damage property.
  • Limit leaf disposal on the street. During Leaf Season, customers are encouraged to fill their yard waste container FIRST before putting leaves on the street for collection. If a storm is expected, put your leaves on the lawn until it is closer to your anticipated collection day. If you have a pile of leaves on the street, please use a broom to ensure that water can flow down the gutter and that storm drain inlets are not plugged.

As the rainy and wet weather start to decrease in the region, City crews continue to work year-round to help prepare for the next winter storm. Crews assist in maintaining channels, canals and creeks by removing weeds and debris that can impede water flow during winter storms.

For more information, or call 3-1-1 or 916-264-5011.
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