Sacramento Lady Tappers bring home the gold at Water Works competition!

Teams face-off in a high-energy utilities competition involving a race against time to drill into iron pipes and install taps

Sacramento’s own team of all female members, the Lady Tappers, recently competed in an American Water Works Association competition and qualified to advance to nationals in Philadelphia this upcoming June.

What is a water tap?

A water tap is the valve that connects a resident’s pipe to the City’s water main, allowing homes and businesses to receive running water. It is extremely important because without one, households and businesses would not receive any water. Tappers, like the Lady Tappers, are able to install new taps without interfering with the flow of anyone else’s water.

Who are the Lady Tappers?

The Lady Tappers’ recent success is especially impressive since they are the only all-female team representing the entire California/Nevada region. The team includes with Jolynn Conrad as a cutter, Megan Mackay as a machinist, Megan Thomas as a copper, Roxanne Dilley as an alternate, and Dave Boisa as the coach.

Because the Lady Tappers do not actually work in the field, nor install taps on a regular basis, they had to dedicate their time to learn the technique of water tapping. Several months of practice and hard work led them to their recent victory.

Methods of success

Coach Dave recently interviewed with Good Day, Sacramento and elaborated on the competition, “What they are doing is physically making a water tap in a water main, like a normal day in the field.”

Coach Dave stated that practice and hard work are crucial elements for the Lady Tappers’ future success. Teamwork is a key component of installing a tap due to the hard labor that is required to complete installation. If the Lady Tappers keep up their fast pace and incredible team work, going to nationals in Philadelphia may yield amazing results.

The City of Sacramento is incredibly proud of the Lady Tappers for representing not only the city, but the entire region as well. Their impressive dedication and diligent efforts have proven that they have what it takes to compete with the best.

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