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Mayor Steinberg’s ‘Arts Capital’ plan injects new energy into Sacramento’s art and culture scene

On Wednesday, June 14, Mayor Darrell Steinberg and City Council hosted an arts and culture event that brought together local artists and performers as well as announced Sacramento as an ‘Arts Capital’ with a multi-point plan to galvanize artists, musicians, makers, and doers.

From stilt walkers, street drummers, to Irish and Brazilian dancers, the 1100 block of R Street was filled with lively performances and bold, colorful pops of art. The community rallied together to create a welcoming environment for local artists, street musicians, and dancers.

“We are a city with strength, opportunity, and a beautiful soul grounded in our diverse arts and culture,” said Mayor Darrell Steinberg.

“You can see it bubbling up in our neighborhoods throughout the city and that’s what this is about; Supporting arts throughout our city, not just here downtown – but in all of our neighborhood.”

The afternoon proved to be the perfect stage for Mayor Steinberg to make huge announcements on the arts and cultural scene, including a two-year funding boost of $500,000 to the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission and the inception of the Creative Economy Pilot Project, an initiative that will grant $500,000 to spur economic activity and improve public spaces through art, food, and technology.

In addition, the development of a strategic Cultural Plan as a partnership between the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission and the Sacramento Region Community Foundation was declared. The Cultural plan will serve as a blueprint for making strategic investments into arts and culture. The plan takes a data-based approach toward understanding and delivering what residents truly desire in their art communities.

In case you missed it, here are some highlights to look forward to within the coming years in Sacramento:

  • Launch of the development of a Cultural Plan, a blueprint for making strategic investments in Sacramento’s arts and cultural projects
  • New Arts Leader, Jonathan Glus, to spearhead arts and culture in Sacramento
  • New $500,000 commitment over two years for the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission
  • Launch of a Creative Economy Pilot Program, to grant $500,000 for neighborhood arts, food, and technology projects
  • Recommencement of busking (street performing) in Sacramento
  • Transformation of performing arts facilities
  • Increased collaboration with Sacramento school districts to foster and embolden arts education

As arts and culture are more integrated in our communities, this expressive event will be the first of many to ignite an already hot and thriving scene in Sacramento. The time is now to unleash our City’s creativity.

Lead photo by XSiGHT Productions, #XSiGHTusa