License your pet today and get free microchipping, rabies vaccines, and ID tags. Oh, and avoid a citation

Is your pet currently licensed? Has it expired?  Renew it and get free a microchip, rabies vaccine, and an ID tag. As of July 1, pet owners who have let licenses elapse will be sent a warning, which could lead to a citation if not addressed. A one-year license fee for spayed/neutered pets is $20 for dogs and $10 for cats. Not renewing could cost a pet owner up to $300.

Here’s how the new renewal program works:

When it’s time for a Sacramento pet owner to renew their pet’s license, an initial courtesy postcard will be sent, reminding them to license. If they have not renewed their license within 30 days, a second letter will be sent stating that non-compliance will result in a correctable citation. Included with this letter is a voucher for a free rabies vaccine, microchip, and identification tag. Should non-compliance continue, the pet owner will receive a correctable $300 citation, which will be waived if a license is obtained within 30 days of receiving the citation.  Failure to license within the stated grace period will result in a permanent citation in the full amount of $300.


The goal of the program is not to penalize City residents, but to educate pet owners on the benefits of licensing. This program gives the City’s pet owners multiple opportunities to comply with City Code and offers incentives including free microchipping, rabies vaccines, and identification tags.  Most importantly, this will ensure that our Animal Control unit is in compliance with the Compendium of Animal Rabies Prevention to prevent the outbreak of the rabies virus in our community.

Revenue from licensing is also a critical funding source to care for both animals in the shelter as well as animals and people in the community.

Any city resident participating in one of the following programs below may receive a complimentary license for any spayed or neutered pet. Rabies vaccines and a microchip will be included with the offer. Proof of program participation is required.

Qualifying Programs:

Lifeline (AT&T)

PGE and SMUD Assistance Programs

City Utility Rate Assistance Program

Any qualifying city resident with an unaltered pet may receive a complimentary license upon spaying or neutering their pet through the City’s low-income program free of charge. Complimentary licenses for low income City residents will not apply for any pet owner unwilling to spay or neuter their animal. Full unaltered licensing fees will be required.

Call 916-808-3785 or email for any questions about pet licensing.

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