Say what? Meet the City’s Cultural Services + Creative Economy Manager

Jonathan Glus comes to Sacramento to lead the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission and so much more…

Meet Jonathan Glus – he’s new here from Houston. But it hasn’t taken him long to fall in love with Sacramento.

“We all know that Sacramento is the capital of a mega economy, and a center of great American history. Now the word is getting out that Sacramento is quickly becoming a center for creativity – from working artists to designers and all the vibrancy that comes with it, said Jonathan Glus. “I can’t wait to be part of Sacramento’s next creative wave.”

Glus is the new Cultural Services + Creative Economy Manager. What does that mean? It’s two-fold.

He’s taking over as the manager of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, which is the City/County local arts agency and liaison with its City/County advisory Commission. The commission dispenses arts grants and manages public art projects.

But the “+ creative economy manager” makes him the lead in executing the Mayor’s vision for making Sacramento a hub of creativity. In other words, bringing together a diverse industry such as the artists, the playwrights, the set designers, the graphic designers, the creatives in advertising and sales, digital media, fashion, and its supporting partners. Expanding the notion of what creativity is. Creativity is jobs coming to Sacramento.

“The reality is San Francisco and the Bay Area are losing the creatives in droves. It’s more expensive than Manhattan,” Glus said.

If, the creative types are looking for somewhere to go besides San Francisco and the Bay Area. Why not Sacramento? We are close and Sacramento has key selling points in affordability, weather, and quality of life.

Research has shown, the industry is significant when put into context. Glus should know.  He commissioned the research that detailed the economic value to supporting this industry. See the report.

With his experience as the first chief executive officer of the Houston Arts Alliance, Glus also had a dual role: strategic leadership to Houston’s municipal arts agency, and he was also responsible for long-term cultural planning and development of the sector.

“Houston is stereotyped as oil, gas and medicine. Yet the creative economy in Houston has 200,000 more jobs than the largest medical center in the world located in Houston. It became apparent to work on shifting the paradigm,” he said.

His first job is to launch a five-year cultural plan, starting with engaging the community starting with surveys, interviews, and town halls, this fall. Glus will also commission research into Sacramento’s potential, as was done in Houston.

“Before I chose this position in Sacramento, I believe that Sacramento is on the verge of taking off in an exciting way!” he said.

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