New City ordinance limits residential grows to six cannabis plants per household

Know the Law!

What you need to know about the updated ordinance.

The Sacramento City Council has amended its ordinance on residential cultivation. The ordinance adopted on August 29 repealed the 400-sq. ft. allowed indoor grow space and has been replaced with a maximum of six living plants per household to align with State law.  The 6-plant limit applies to cannabis grown either for medical or non-medical purposes.

The City’s restrictions for residential grows, which includes concealment from public view, power usage, confinement of lighting and odor control that were specified in the previous ordinance will remain in place.

When does this take effect?

The new ordinance is scheduled to take effect on September 29. The new ordinance includes a penalty of $500 per plant that is in excess of the 6-plant limit.

How is the City able to do this?

On November 8, 2016 California voters passed Proposition 64 or the Adult Use of Marijuana Act allowing adults 21 years or older to legally use, possess and grow up to six cannabis plants per household for non-medical purposes. The state law give cities and counties the authority to regulate residential cultivation in their jurisdictions.

Reducing the number of cannabis plants a household can grow is an important step towards addressing illegal residential cultivation in Sacramento, which is considered a significant public safety concern.

Learn more from the Office of Cannabis Policy & Enforcement

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