Historic City Hall Hearing Room will be renamed in honor of state’s first Councilwoman

On Tuesday, March 20 the Sacramento City Council passed a resolution to rename the Historic City Hall Hearing Room – The Luella Johnston Hearing Room.

Luella Johnston was the first woman ever elected to City Council in any large city in the United States. She was elected to represent Sacramento in 1912, one year after the progressive State of California granted women the right to vote and nearly a decade before the 19th amendment would allow women the right to vote nationally.


In honor of Women’s History Month and in recognition of Mrs. Johnston’s important position in our city, state and national history, I am requesting the renaming of the Historic City Hall Chambers where she served as our first Councilwoman, to be now and forever referred to as The Luella Johnston Hearing Room” said Councilwoman Angelique Ashby. “Luella Johnston was an incredible woman—a force of nature. She was determined to not only win women the right to vote but also to give them a woman whom they could vote for,” said Ashby.