On 4.20, please Know The Law Sacramento

‘Adult-use’ doesn’t mean use anytime, anywhere

On the first 4.20 since adult-use cannabis sales are legal on Jan. 1, do you know what the law allows and doesn’t allow?

It means adults can purchase cannabis at dispensaries that are licensed for adult-use sales.  Twenty-eight of the City’s 30 medical dispensaries have temporary state licenses to sell adult-use cannabis.

What’s the legal age for adult use?  It’s 21, not 18. Where can you use it?  Only in private residences. Not:

  • on the street
  • in parks
  • in outdoor restaurants

On-site consumption is only allowed at dispensaries and only when a local jurisdiction approves of the practice. Sacramento has NOT approved on-site consumption ANYWHERE.

How many plants can you grow?  Six per household, whether it’s grown for medicinal use or adult-use.

Know The Law Sacramento is the City’s new information site with the short answers to clear up some of the cannabis confusion for residents, parents, neighbors and the industry.  Check it out.

The City of Sacramento is committed to the safe and legal access to cannabis (tested and regulated). For more information from the Office of Cannabis Policy and Enforcement, visit these webpages.