Did you see our Vision Zero campaign this summer?

During July and August, we conducted an education campaign to encourage safe behaviors when traveling, whether by car, bicycle, or walking.

The campaign, “Our Safety Is Homegrown” featured five key messages that addressed the top collision factors in Sacramento, and we want to know if you saw them.

Take 5 minutes for an “Our Safety is Homegrown” survey

Messages were displayed through Facebook and Instagram, billboards, bus ads, yard signs, and posters, throughout the city. With nearly 5 million impressions and 21,000 visits to Vision Zero, letting us know if the campaign made a difference in the way you travel will help us with future messaging.

The Vision Zero team visited public events, fairs, farmers markets, neighborhood association meetings, and bicycle classes to spread the word. City Council offices and PBIDs also with distributing over 800 yard signs and 1,000 posters.

Vision Zero is a worldwide traffic safety program that addresses the topic of preventable collisions. As part of the program, the City of Sacramento will work collaboratively in a data-driven effort to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2027.

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