Storm Drain

Community invited to learn more about the McKinley Park Water Vault

Want to learn more about the propsed McKinley Park Water Vault?

From 9 to 11 a.m. Saturday (Sept. 22), the City will be hosting a community meeting in McKinley Park to share important updates on the underground storage facility and discuss other potential park enhancements related to the project.

The meeting will provide an opportunity for the public to get a better understanding of the water vault, which is designed to reduce street flooding, protect property and improve public safety.

East Sacramento has a combined sewer system that handles both wastewater and stormwater. The system can become overwhelmed during large storms, causing streets to flood. The vault will be used during these storms and will temporarily store wastewater so stormwater can drain efficiently and not swamp streets.

The Sept. 22 meeting will provide specifics about the project including vault dimensions and building locations. Attendees also will learn about the anticipated construction schedule (including proposed start dates) and the potential impacts on traffic.

The meeting will be held in McKinley Park at the picnic table area north of the George “Butter” Cole baseball field.

For more information about how the McKinley Park Water Vault will work, check out this video from the City’s Department of Utilities.


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