R Street: Before and after photos of much-needed improvements

Walk down R Street and you’re likely to notice wider sidewalks, improved pedestrian crossings, brighter street lighting, smoother roadways and even expanded outdoor patios at your favorite restaurants.

Those changes are part of the R Street Improvement Project, which began in 2015 to improve connectivity within the corridor. The third and final phase of the project was completed in summer 2018.

Click through the pictures below to see before project completion and after.

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After three years of construction, R Street now is one of the most vibrant areas in Sacramento. From the Warehouse Artist Lofts on 11th Street, to Ace of Spades on 15th Street, to the new Ice Blocks on 17th, R Street exists as a unified experience, bursting with creativity, culture and innovation.

“The project truly restored the area, while integrating the heart and soul of R Street,” said Zuhair Amawi, who managed the Innovation Project. “Little things like wider sidewalks and new tree canopies make all the difference when experiencing what the corridor has to offer.”

Next time you’re on R Street, see if you can spot the changes.

For more information about Phase III of the R Street Improvements, please visit the project webpage.

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