City tests ‘mini-sweepers’ to service parking protected bikeways

Interesting things do come in small packages.

Eagle-eyed residents have noticed mini-sweepers recently traveling along the new parking protected bikeways on J, P, Q and 10th streets.  These bikeways were installed this summer as part of the City’s Vision Zero program aimed at increasing traffic safety, slowing drivers down and supporting local economies.

One frequently asked question about the parking protected bikeways is how the City will keep them clean. The City’s Public Works Department has been assessing different small sweepers, and is expected to make a purchasing recommendation to the City Council in early 2019.

“The parking protected bikeways would benefit most from the mini-sweepers, but the City will also use them for round-a-bouts, medians and other tight areas,” says Erin Treadwell, Manager with the Department of Public Works.

The bikeways are now part of the 150,000 miles of public-right-away swept every six weeks from February through October. (They also are cleaned during leaf season.) The 2019 street sweeping calendar can be accessed here.

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