This many people have applied to be on new Measure U Advisory Committee

The Measure U Community Advisory Committee will play an important role in deciding how funds from Sacramento’s new sales tax will be spent.

The application window for the new committee closed at 5 p.m. Jan. 9, and nearly 200 people have applied to help decide where the resources will go and how much will be allocated. 

“The large number of applicants signals an auspicious start for this group,” said Assistant City Manager Leyne Milstein, who will be working with the committee. “We are pleased to see so many people willing to volunteer their time to help make sure these new funds are spent in ways that benefit all of Sacramento.”

As approved by the Council on Oct. 2, 2018, the Measure U Community Advisory Committee will have 15 members, nine appointed by the Mayor and Council members from each council district and six by the Personnel & Public Employees Committee, which will select candidates based on the list of criteria below:

  • One member between 16 and 24 years old
  • One member with professional experience in affordable housing, homelessness, or rental housing issues
  • One member representing a taxpayer organization
  • One member with professional experience in business, economic development or workforce development
  • One member with professional experience in community trauma, mental health, or community-based crime reduction
  • One member with professional experience with youth-focused adult education, public health, or environmental justice organizations

City Council members will select their nominees in late January. The Personnel & Public Employees Committee will interview the remaining qualified candidates on Feb. 5. The Council is expected to confirm the final six members at its meeting on March 5.

The City expects to convene the first meetings of the new committee in March and hold several meetings in the initial months. At their first meeting, and annually thereafter, the committee shall establish a calendar setting the time and place for regular meetings to be held no less than four times per year. Meetings are typically held in the evening in the City Council Chambers of Sacramento City Hall, 915 I St., Sacramento.

The Mayor and City Council, together with City staff, are also working to establish a group of investment experts that will provide input to stakeholders on which investments will lead to inclusive economic growth.

Sacramento voters in November approved a new version of the City’s Measure U sales tax, extending it and raising it from a half-cent to a full cent. The measure now is expected generate $95 million annually for the City. 


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