Sacramento is in for a stormy week; here’s what the City is doing to prepare

The City is preparing for two upcoming storms that could bring two inches or more of rain to the region this week. The first storm is expected to hit as early as Monday evening and the next storm is expected to begin Wednesday and last through Thursday, Jan 17.

The City has tiered plans in place to respond effectively to the storms, and will increase response as necessary to ensure the safety of the residents.

How the City Prepares for Storms:

The City of Sacramento works year-round to prepare for winter storms. In an effort to lessen the impacts of any potential storms, the City’s urban forest division provides routine preemptive tree maintenance throughout the city on regular cycles.

Work crews maintain street trees on a tree-by-tree, block-by-block basis, ensuring that all public trees are inspected and pruned. Staff also works to ensure services are distributed equitably throughout the city.

The City also has its “rain patrol,” which it deploys during especially wet weather. These crews unclog drains so streets don’t end up flooding. During a storm event, extra crews are on-call after hours responding to hundreds of calls to the City’s 311 Center.

The City also inspects and maintains floodgates throughout the year. As part of a routine procedure, the City holds drills to rehearse floodgate closures to ensure that the floodgates are quickly closed during an emergency.

“The projected wind gusts on Wednesday night into Thursday morning will likely produce debris which clog drains and may cause localized flooding,” said Daniel Bowers, Director of Emergency Management. “In addition to the work done by the City, it is important for residents to prepare for the upcoming storm by clearing loose debris from around their homes and securing items that are susceptible to wind gusts.”

What citizens need to know:

  • Collect leaves in yard waste cans first, then pile on the street away from gutters so water can flow to drains.
  • If your estimated leaf collection date is not until next week, move leaf piles onto lawns until after the storm.
  • Consider having sandbags on hand for properties that are prone to flooding. Sandbags can be purchased at hardware stores.
  • Report street flooding, trees down, or traffic signals out at or call 311. Crews are on-hand to respond to requests.
  • Power outages should be reported to SMUD by calling 1-888-456-SMUD (7683).

“Residents can positively impact Citywide preparedness by reducing potential drain-clogging issues, which on a larger scale will free up our rain patrol assets from the City’s Department of Utilities to quickly respond to other areas of concern,” Bowers said.

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