Vote for your favorite Waterfront Idea Makers design concept

The time to vote has arrived.

After months of build-up and anticipation, the Waterfront Idea Makers project — an effort to reimagine the Old Sacramento Waterfront — now is asking the public to vote on submitted concepts and pick their favorite designs.

Professional design teams and the public in January were invited to submit concepts that reconceptualize what’s possible in Sacramento’s beloved historic district. Forty submissions were received as part of the program.

The concept that receives the most votes is eligible to win up to $6,000. Participants in the competition may be invited to continue working with the City if designs are feasible. Voting is open to the public until March 20.

Vote for your favorite waterfront design concept

The Sacramento Waterfront Idea Makers program began in December 2018 when the City sought five professional teams to generate concepts that enhance the area’s historic ambiance, aesthetic appeal, visitor experience and connectivity.

The City also invited residents of all ages to be a part of the design competition.