Help shape the future of Sacramento with the Citizen Survey

How do you feel about education, transportation or the overall quality of life in Sacramento?

The City would like to know.

The City of Sacramento once again is conducting its annual “Citizen Survey,” which asks for feedback on all aspects of living in the capital city. Data gleaned from the survey help the City recognize trends and improve the services it offers to residents.

“The Citizen Survey is critical because it gives us a benchmark of how citizens feel about our services in a way that is scientifically accurate and comprehensive,” said City Auditor Jorge Oseguera. “Departments or divisions can use the information captured to prioritize or realign resources in a meaningful way; one that is based on hard data, rather than assumptions.”

Now in its second year, theĀ  Citizen Survey is a standardized set of questions that are sent by mail to a random sampling of 5,500 residents.

Residents interested in taking the survey who don’t receive one in the mail can fill it out online beginning April 26.

This is the first year the City is offering the survey in a digital format. All respondents to the survey will remain anonymous.

Last year’s survey found that most respondents thought safety and economy should be “top priorities” of the City, with cost of living seen as one of the “largest areas of concern.”

Fire, emergency services and garbage collection were the “most positively rated” City services, while street repair was generally the “most negatively rated.”

The biggest takeaway? Roughly 95 percent of residents claimed to have “made efforts to conserve water.”

The City Auditor presented these findings in a report to the City Council in September 2018.

The 2019 digital survey can be completed from April 26 until May 10. Mail-in surveys are scheduled to arrive in mailboxes in late March.

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