City begins work to replace 80-year-old bridge in the Robla neighborhood

Improved traffic operations, enhanced safety and better access to the Sacramento Northern Bike trail are some of the benefits of the new Rio Linda Bridge, City officials said.

Construction of the Rio Linda Bridge Replacement Project kicked off Tuesday, June 25. City Officials, residents and members of the Robla Park Community Association celebrated the beginning of the project at a groundbreaking ceremony at a vacant lot near a local grocery store, Bing’s Market.

“We are building a safer place for residents to drive, ride their bikes and walk,” said Councilmember Allen Warren at the groundbreaking ceremony. “We have to understand that this (new bridge) means a potential of saving lives from car accidents and other harmful incidents.”

The project will construct a new bridge to replace the existing bridge which was built in 1937. As part of the work, the streets, Magpie Creek and Main Avenue, will be both realigned to the south. The intersection will be widened to accommodate dedicated turn lanes and Main Avenue will intersect perpendicularly to Rio Linda Blvd.

Additional improvements and benefits include:

  • New bridge over Magpie Creek with standard bike lanes and sidewalk
  • New signalized intersection of Main Avenue and Rio Linda Blvd. with crosswalks, dedicated bike lanes, and right/left turn lanes will provide improved safety and traffic operations
  • New curb, gutter, and sidewalk will create safer pedestrian spaces and waiting areas for transit
  • New bus stops for better access to public transportation
  • Additional turn lanes to improve intersection operations
  • The existing Northern Sacramento Bike Trail will be realigned to utilize the new bridge.

The construction of the new bridge will include realignment of the Northern Sacramento Bike Trail and removal of the existing bike trail bridge. This will require bike and pedestrian traffic using the trail to be detoured onto Rio Linda Blvd. The City is still working on the detour plans with the contractor, however, residents can expect a protected detour onto Rio Linda Blvd. to be in place for several months while the project is constructed.

Completion of the project is anticipated for late 2020.