City partners with national company Numotion to help people with disabilities during disasters

In a first-of-its-kind agreement for Sacramento, the City has partnered with Numotion, a company that provides wheelchairs and mobility aid to people with disabilities.

Per the agreement, Numotion will supply free wheelchair service and repair, as well as loaner equipment, to residents with access and functional needs at City emergency shelters.

“This agreement is ground breaking because it places Numotion staff at City-controlled emergency shelters to repair and provide access and functional needs devices to our displaced citizens during disasters,” said City Director of Emergency Management Daniel Bowers. “During fast-moving floods and fires, community members reliant on mobility devices may not have time to bring their equipment; having onsite support to get evacuees mobile again is a tremendous benefit to our most vulnerable population.”

“We are honored to partner with the City of Sacramento in this innovative and forward-thinking program they have created,” said Numotion CEO Mike Swinford.

Bowers said the agreement could be the first of its kind in the state and has caught the attention of the California Office of Emergency Services as a potential template.

“This partnership will serve as a model for jurisdictions across the state to better address the access and functional needs of the communities they serve,” said Luis Vance Taylor, Chief of Office of Access and Functional Needs, California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

During major disasters, the City’s Office of Emergency Management is responsible for activating emergency shelters to provide refuge for evacuees. Residents often have little times to gather their belongings before evacuating, Bowers said. This can be devastating for people who rely on a wheelchair and other mobility assistance.

However, under the new agreement, Numotion will help people at shelters be fitted with the appropriate equipment. The service will be provided to residents free of charge.


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